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She really appreciated my handmade gift!
I was talking to a good friend of mine over IM. She's Korean so we're far away, but she helped me a lot when I first went to Korea 9 years ago. Anyway, she was saying that she still has a little crocheted heart I made for her a long time ago for her birthday with her name embroidered on it. She says she takes it with her when she travels, studying in England or China and people ask her what that is and she tells them her friend made it for her for her birthday. She says that other than her grandmother I'm the only one who's ever made anything for her so she really appreciates it. I had forgotten all about that little thing. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard?! I swear, I will now crochet or knit anything she wants because if she can appreciate that little crocheted heart, wow!

What do you think I should make her? I was thinking of making her this shrug:
Though I don't know which yarn I'd use. I might use the suggested yarn, since I actually kinda like this acrylic and I really like the self-striping style of it.

I don't know, any suggestions?

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