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Preemie Items Up for Grabs
A while back someone on this thread did a group project for a class where she got everyone to knit preemie items and send them to her to donate. I had asked some knitting friends to join in--some of them I don't see often. We I recently got a load of stuff from one of the girls and I don't know what to do with it...the hospitals around here either already have a group doing it or they are so picky about the colors we use that some of the stuff is going to get thrown away. Is there anyone who collects this stuff that I can mail it to or anyone that has a suggestion as to where I can send it? There is a local chapter of NIN here but I tried working with them before and found the group to be very judgemental and not working at this for the right reasons. I'm sure it's not all NIN chapters that are like that but the one here (which stinks) really ticked me off.

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