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Lion brand "6 hour" knitted afghan
OK, I've read what most people's opinions are of Lion Brand Homespun. However, I get their email "booklet" and on the last one they had a "6 Hour" afghan made with Homespun and size 50 ginormous needles.

Since I'm trying to get about 7 afghans made for Christmas, this might be worth a shot. My main question is this - disregarding your possible dislike for Homespun, the pattern is calling for all stockinette stitch. I KNOW what all stockinette stitch does, and I doubt that just because it's on big needles it won't curl like it always does. Anyway, the pattern calls for casting on 34 stitches and working from there. Would you make the first and last 3 stitches all in knit and thus a border to keep it from curling, or would you add extra stitches?

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