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You know, I was wondering exactly the same thing when I saw that pattern. It looked so pretty with just the stockinette stitch, but I also worried about the curling and wondered if I would create a border.

I have not used size 50 needles before, nor 4 strands at a time, although I "almost" knit that baby blanket someone else mentioned, and I'm really glad I didn't. I will say as a person who absolutely HATED Homespun 2 months ago, I do not mind it as much now, I guess because I've tried to train myself to knit loosely with it. I do NOT think Homespun does well with increasing/decreasing or any complex stitches, but I personally think it's okay for anything using just knit and purl stitches. That's just my opinion after completing one and making it through about a 1/4 of another afghan in Homespun, with utilizes primarily knit/purl and some increase/decreases - I hate those increase/decrease rows! But I'm seriously considering making that afghan, because it is just knit/purl stitches. And it really helps that it seems like Joann's ALWAYS has Homespun on sale, I guess because everyone hates it so much, so I love using that to my advantage.
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