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Originally Posted by boyforpele13
i made their 4-hour baby blanket out of homespun on size 50s and i absolutely hated it. this one was also in stockinette with 4 strands, but also bias, so a little different, and maybe it was partly due to my inexperience working with larger needles or something, but it had absolutely ZERO shape whatsoever (I couldn't figure out how to fold it after washing, that's how bad it was) and the increases/decreases to make the bias came out hideous.

this very well could have been me, but i wanted to share just in case.
me to but I did an adult afghan two strands with size 17 all in garter stitch and it is more of a diamond than anything else, and folding it-forget it! I'm wantng to frog it but don't know what I'd do with the yarn.
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