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Doubling up strands of mohair

I want to make a mohair shawl that calls for size 8 needles. I didn't bring the pattern with me to the yarn store unfortunately and ended up buying GGH Soft Kid which calls for needle size 5-6.

I tried knitting a swatch of the Soft Kid on the size 8s, but the yarn is too thin, and the "holes" in between the stitches are very visable.

What are my options at this point (unfortunately, returning the yarn is not one of them)? Would either of the following work?

1. Double-stranding the mohair and knit on size 8s?
2. Use size 6 needles like the yarn label recommends but expand the by 50% (i.e. casting on 66 stitches instead of 44--there is no shaping or piecing together required; it's just one big rectangle)?

Is there another possible solution?

Or should I just buy more Mohair and save the Soft Kid for a future project?

Thanks in advance!
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