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question re: "Great Knitted Gifts" Rose hat and sc
I just got Great Knitted Gifts by Shackleton out of the library yesterday. The projects are very nice looking but I have one problem with far. The patterns don't say how much yarn is needed! What is up with that...sigh? I'm a fairly new knitter looking for christmas gifts to knit up. Have any of you made the Rose hat and scarf from this book? I think it's really cute and am considering making the scarf for my Brother's girlfriend. First, do you consider this ok for a beginner? I'm a little scared of making the flowers, leaves and curly ends... that's the best part. Also, If I use sportweight yard I'll be kitting the think till the end of I'm slow. So, I'd like to find something from knitpicks. I like their stuff and it's relatively cheap. Any ideas? How much should I get? I'm clueless! he he. thanks!
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