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Second Project--Baby blanket
Hi, I'm brand new and learning how to knit. Just for background information, for my first project I am working on a scarf, I cast on 25 stitches to start with. I did the first 15 rows or so, then unravelled it and started again because of mistakes and uneveness about five times. This time around it looks really nice and even, with no holes or obvious errors, so I kept going. I've done garter stitch for about 40 rows--counting the ridges on one side only, so does that mean I've actually done 80 rows? Anyway, then I switched to stockinette stitch just to practice my purling and did about 6 rows of that, again counting only the ridges on the purl side of the work. Now I'm going to go back to garter stitch for a while so it will lie flat. Basically, I'm just randomly deciding when to alter garter and stockinette for practice and so the finished scarf will have some visual interest as opposed to being all garter stitch.

The MAIN reason I wanted to learn how to knit was so I could make my soon-to-be-arriving niece/nephew a handmade baby blanket. I am looking for a SIMPLE pattern that calls only for garter/stockinette stitches, without increases or decreases, because I don't know how to do that yet. It would also be good if I didn't have to do anything like "yarn overs", which I also don't really understand. I think I could probably handle changing yarn colors to make some strips or something. I understand the felted and Russian joins pretty well, or least I see how it is supposed to work, though I haven't practiced them.

I've been looking all over the Web and even on this site, the projects labelled "beginner" are full of stuff that I don't really understand or seem very complicated. Like I said, I'm pretty much limited to cast on, garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and bind off, though I'm open to changing yarn colors for some variety. Does anyone have any patterns or suggestions of where to find this kind of SUPER EASY (think child-level) baby blanket pattern?

Thanks! So far this site has been my only tool in learning to knit and I feel very encouraged about my scarf. My mom thinks I'm the bomb for learning how to do this. She is so impressed with the little 7 by 14 inch rectangle I've made in the last couple of weeks.

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