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Re: To Jan in CA
Originally Posted by snpdiva
First of all, the pattern calls for circular needles. If I knit on circular needles, won't I end up with a tube rather than a flat piece of work?
You don't have to join when using circular needles. I use them for flat things like dishcloths all the time. It would be hard to knit a blanket on straight needles because of the weight and size. Cramming that many stitches on a straight needle would hard to do. By using circs the weight is spread over the cord and sits in your lap easier.
In addition, I thought part of the idea of circular needles was that you don't have to switch between knit and purl stitches, you just knit all rows and end up with stockinette stitch.
That only works if you are knitting in the round. If you are doing flat knitting you will still need to purl on the other side. HOWEVER, with the Simple Knitted Baby Blanket it's all done in garter so there is no purling.
Finally, what does "yarn is held double" throughout mean?
That means using a double strand of yarn to make it thicker and warmer. You can do it w/o using double just as well, it will just be lighter. Baby yarns tend to be very light which is why they suggest doubling. If you use a different yarn you might not need to.


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