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Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but short rows by nature necessitate turning the work. When knitting in the round, you would work back and forth just as you would for flat knitting (so you are alternately working on the right and wrong side) to build up a particular area of the fabric. When that area is done, you can continue working circularly.

Amy has a video of a wrap and turn technique, but you may also want to check out this link, which includes a whole bunch of resources for several different methods of making short rows. You can compare different ones to see what gives you the neatest result. (I tend to favor Japanese and encroachment, but it really depends on the project. YMMV)

There is no right way to knit; there is no wrong way to knit. So if anybody kindly tells you that what you are doing is "wrong," don't take umbrage; they mean well. Smile submissively, and listen, keeping your disagreement on an entirely mental level. They may be right, in this particular case, and even if not, they may drop off pieces of information which will come in very handy if you file them away carefully in your brain for future reference. ~Elizabeth Zimmerman
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