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we (and by that i mean Me) got my mother an HP PSC275 for her computer about 4 years ago and it still works great. it is ginormous but she likes it because she mostly understands it and can enlarge her counted cross stitch patterns herself. she still refuses to change the ink (even though i make her do it when she asks me to while i am at yes, she knows how but doesn't think she does.) but other than that it works great for her.

I have a lexmark psc and i love it. It isn't as big as hers and certainly didn't cost as much since i was using my own money. i had problems with it at first because it wouldn't recognize the paper was in the machine. after calling them and speaking to a nice gentleman in India who severely tried my patience, he sent me a new box and i didn't have to send the other back. of course after that phone call i got it working but it was too late to turn the box around and they told me to just keep it. after about a year it finally tried my patience for the last time and i replaced it. haven't had a problem since.

of course now that i have said that it will break tomorrow.

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