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Another NC person over here! I currently live in Greensboro, although I've lived all over the Carolinas it seems: hometown and family in Rocky Mount, spent 2 years at a residential high school in Durham, college in Winston-Salem, grad school in Columbia, SC and now I've been living in Greensboro the past 3 years - whew! But I love living in Greensboro the most, and this place really feels like "home" for me.

I don't really "talk" to many knitters locally either - some of my coworkers at my former job used to knit during lunchtime, but I learned to knit after I left that job. I bet they'd be surprised to know I am an obsessed knitter now! I still go to Winston some, so I might have to check out Knit Picky. I have frequented A.C. Moore constantly since I've learned to knit this year, so I've just recently been to one LYS - The Stitch Point - and I'm slowly starting to realize why everyone loves LYS so much. I really need to start branching out and finding some more.

Nice to meet all of you!
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