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Oklahoma City Area Knitters unite!!!!

We're looking for knitters in the OKC area for a project of love and support to benefit our deployed troops. We are The Hugs Project and we meet each Wed. at the First Baptist Church in downtown OKC at 1201 N. Robinson from 10-4.

We have several Bond ISM's and USM's set up for instruction and we also sew, knit, crochet and pack care packages all day and sometimes, into the night. lol

We are right now working on getting 200! Christmas care packages ready for shipment by the end of the month. We want our troops to know that we haven't forgotten them and that we them and appreciate them so much for being willing to look evil in the eye.

Each of our Christmas boxes will be filled with beef jerky, socks, CD's, batteries, etc. but also a nice Christmas gift and homemade goodies and either a neck pillow or slippers and other items of knitting and crochet. It's really nice for them to have something tangible that tells them, "We care about you".

If you would like to help us in this effort, you can email me at:, check us out online or read about The Hugs Project at the Department of Defense website at:
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