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$100 for sweater yarn...should I???
OK...I'm looking for a worsted yarn for a hoodie for my teenaged dd. I want something soft, washable, and I've narrowed it to superwash merinos. I found a line that has the colors I want, but the yarn is going to cost me like $100. (gulp) My dd takes good care of her things...I know she would appreciate it and care for it, but I've never spent this kind of money on a knitting project (I just learned in the summer of '05). There are other nice yarns I could get for somewaht less $, but they're either not washable or don't offer the colors I want.

What should I do??? We have the fact, I have a gallon jug of coins that has waaay more than $100...we won't be going without food or skip paying the electric bill just so I can buy yarn...

Should I do it???

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