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OT...Your prayers are appreciated.
Hey Ya'll!
Most of you know that I am disabled (hip replacements, dislocations, other hip/leg surgeries, etc which have left me in constant pain for many years) and, at times have to be put on bedrest because of the severity of the pain, etc. Well, this is one of those times. I've been very blessed for the past few months in that I've not had constant severe pain. LOL, I've gotten used to having a lesser degree of pain and am very happy that this really severe pain is no longer an ongoing thing, but it's still not pleasant when it comes around The reason for my post is to ask that you please pray for me and that I will be feeling better soon!
Until then, I won't be here as often as I would like. Those of you who entered the contest on my blog...I will announce the winner this Tuesday, and if anyone else would like to enter...please stop by my blog for details and enter if you would like...I could really use a few more laughs! I will be checking my email once a day!
Thanks so much for your friendship, ya'll are the best
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