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ah, this hapenned to me at my very first knitting...
then i analyzed it...
my end stitch was always not too tight and it's like pulled up (or above, you say it?) (imagine the needle is facing you horizontally)...that 'pulled' position created a 'looked like' 'addition' to the stitch...and it caused me mis-knitted everytime that i use this 'addition' as my first stitch which i shouldn't.

i made solution that i use the stitch at the back of the needle (remember the needle's position) as my starting point...i always make adjustment for the untight stitch first.
i always do this, i pull the yarn to the back and make sure that pulled up stitch doesn't show up or just make it to similar form of the stitch one row below.
then, i look at the singel stitch at the back of the neddle and that's my my starting point for my next row.

i do that and there's no addition anymore...
i hope my explanation is helpful (and understandable since english is not my native languange)...i'm a beginner myself and that's the trick of my own.

ah, thanks for the tips for hurt finger...mine is, every morning i wake up, i feel my thumbs like cramp (is that how you spell it?) or stiff...
sometimes, i just look at my finger confusely and thinking, 'what is happening to you?"
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