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eBay bought Denise's - problem fixed
i bought some "new" denise interchangeables on ebay for $43.00 plus shipping. when they arrived it is obvious that the needles are not used, however the case is ripped and dirty. the dirt is not a big problem, but the rip does bother me. the seller did not mention the rip. i wrote to them trying to resolve it and they said by new they simply meant the unused needles. the only option they are giving me is to return the needles for a refund. i am happy with the needles and i don't want to return them, but i wouldn't have paid that much for them if i had known. my question for you all is, how much do they cost new? they are saying they paid $120, but iknow that amy isn't even selling her colored ones for that much. they did include a 40" cable as a bonus. thanks for any advice.

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