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IK - Old World Bootie - Gold Bobble Bootie Question
I've just started and have a question this is the first part for the sole:

With A, CO 38 (42, 50) sts.
Row 1:(WS) Knit.
Row 2:(RS) Knit into front and back of next st (k1f&b), k17
(19, 23), [k1f&b] 2 times, k17 (19, 23), k1f&b4 sts incd.
Row 3:Knit.
Row 4:K1, k1f&b, k17 (19, 23), k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k17 (19, 23),
k1f&b, k14 sts incd.

Cont in this manner, inc 1 st each end of needle and 2 sts at center, working new sts in center as knit sts and increasing at outer edges of new sts, on RS rows until there are 62 (68, 78) sts.

My question is what does Cont in this manner mean? Does it mean to do rows 1-4 as the repeat or just row 4? I'm thinking it just is Row 4 but wanted to ask just in case I'm wrong.

Knit On,

OTN: A sock which will get ripped soon, a scarf....
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