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Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts is my 2nd most favorite site (KH is 1st of course)... I went to their archives and searched for "online" and got 10 pages of links. Here were 3 from just the first page that appeared to be relevant to Kim's request: (this show the results of an online poll they ran in 2005) (this discusses podcasts) (this discusses expanding knitting skills and outlines ways to do that including using online magazines (like Knitty), weblogs, knitting groups, and message boards (like KH)).

I wish all these sources had been available to me when I was working on my degree. Despite the fact that I love libraries and books, finding just the right material was very difficult, and I spent more time trying to find info than I did writing up the papers for my classes.

Good luck with your research Kim!!!


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