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Hmmm...PeaceofYarn has a child play area and a coffee lounge??? Are these rumors true?? I am tempted to try it out soon.

I mainly go to Charlotte Yarn, because everyone is soooo nice and I think the prices are pretty reasonable. Also, they have $10 grab bags of yarn which have GREAT surprises -- always 5 skeins/balls. The last one I bought had two $9.99 balls, an $8 a $5 and a $23.50 ball of ribbony something-or-other. ALL FOR $10!!! The owner is Remi, and she is just a sweet young pregnant gal. They offer classes and private instruction, but will always sit down and teach/help you. They also have a washing machine in-shop and will felt for you.

Stitch seems to cater to a bit higher-end clientele, and I have heard many rumors that a few of the saleswomen are quite snooty (just rumors, no confirmation, but the joke is that "Stitch rhymes with...."

However, I am friends with Katherine at Stitch, and she is SOOOOOO nice and helpful). I just try to only go on Saturdays since she works then

I went to a yarn store in Blowing Rock, NC, which was a neat little nook. Can't really comment on slection or prices (although they seemed a touch high) since I just did a quick browse-through for wool with my toddler.

Please let me know when everyone comes in for the Yarn crawl
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