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Ruffled & ribbed or ruffled & earflap baby hat?
Has anyone seen a pattern for such a baby/child's hat? In sport weight?

Would it be easier to

A) Knit a regular ribbed edge (or earflap) then stockinette hat, pick up stitches around the top of the ribbing to make the ruffle.

B) Knit a ruffle-edged hat (I think top down would be easier, to do the increases at the end rather than cast on a bazillion stiches and decrease), then pick up stitches from the underside of the ruffle to make a ribbed edge.

I'm just thinking that the ribbing (or flaps) will help keep it on the baby's head since a ruffle edge is usually loose.

I do have Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns that I could use to figure out gauge and such, but there wasn't an option for a ruffled edge hat.
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