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Please Explain the Fisherman's Rib to Me More Clearly!
This is what I have:

Book #1
r1: p
r2: *p1, k next st in the row below, rep from * and ending with p2
Repeat r2 only.

Book #2
r1: (wrong side) k to end
r2: sl1, *k1b, p1, repeat from * to end
r3: sl1, *p1, k1b. Rep frpm * to last 2sts the p1, k1

What step in these 2 different instructions am I not "seeing"? If I "k1b" or "k next st in the row below," does this not drop a stitch? Or is that the idea? I have played around with this, but for some reason, this is not a stitch pattern that I am grasping from a book. Grrrrr!

Thank you for any clarity you can provide!

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