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I have a ton of acrylic from my first few months of knitting. It's all just sitting in a hamper feeling neglected. The only acrylic I've worked with lately has been the Simply Soft Shadows I made a mini-Clapotis from and the Simply Soft I'm using to crochet an afghan.

It's great for afghans that you want to be able to toss in the wash. Also good for presents for people who you know won't care for hand-wash items properly. Or kid stuff. I also use it for practice runs for new stitch patterns or estimating gauge/needle size for self-created patterns. I don't do this as much anymore though.

One big thing about gifting acrylic items... wash them before you give them away. That first wash softens things up considerably and makes the item feel much nicer.

I guess I'll try to use some of my acrylic for crochet projects. Problem is, I don't crochet much.

Ideally, I'd like to pass some of it along to someone who is starting out knitting/crocheting or who does use a lot of acrylic. I feel bad that it's all just sitting there. At least the rest of my yarn stash (the good stuff) gets fondled regularly. Hehe.
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