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cabled purse- photo link now works.. 2nd photo added
HOPEFULLY, the photo link has now been fixed.. thanks for those who helped.

I made this for a Christmas gift- almost hated to part with it- but, I wrapped it up and have it ready to mail.

I knitted the strap in 2 pieces- one piece is just garter stitch and another band w/ the cable pattern on it and then I just 'lightly' stitched both together every so often- so, it wouldn't move around when it is being used.

I have an awesome alabone shell button on both sides and a magnetic clasp on the inside of the lining. The yarn is a yummy purple-ish, black/blue type of wool/mohair yarn.

OK, how do I insert a photo that is in photobucket? I'm sure it's easy, but? *OK, I'll try again to add the photo.. wish me luck!
[img] [img] *Second photo added

A closer up view of the yarn. (bear with me still trying to figure out the posting stuff) :D[/img]

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