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Originally Posted by miccisue
OK, maybe I'm goofy, but does she enjoy music? What about a CD of Christmas music? It may not get much use this year, but I have a collection that I dig out every year and listen to while doing my Christmas baking, decorating, knitting, etc. :D It could be something she could get pleasure out of for a long time.
Actually, this is a great idea for me! I need a Christmas CD for stuff like baking, decorating, and knitting to. I don't have anything really upbeat with traditional Christmas songs; a couple of very nice CD's with liturgical hymns on them which are very beautiful, but stuff that I miss from my childhood that my dad would play (he'd start playing Christmas music in October!)

Originally Posted by Mama Bear
I also like psammeadred idea of the teas. That was going to be my suggestion. National Wildlife store has some nice sets of the BIG mugs $4.97 for a set of 4 + $4.99 shipping.
This is a great idea, Mama Bear! Maybe this would be a nice idea, too. I did this for my kids' teachers one year--I got "Paul Bunyan" size mugs at the dollar store one year, stuffed them with fancy teas and honey sticks, and included some homemade cookies. These are only $5 for a set??? That is great, and they're so pretty (it would look like I spent way more than I did)!!! Thanks everybody!!!
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