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Originally Posted by trollgirl
It's -20 here. Celsius. I think that would be -5 to -10 in Fahrenheit? I know -40 Celsius is the same as -40 Fahrenheit. It hasn't gotten that cold yet, unless you count windchill. Wow, I can't believe stuff just shuts down in other places. I have to trudge to work with snow up to my knees.

I will be so, so happy when it goes up to 0 degrees, because that will be a warm day.
Around here, it's not the cold itself that's the problem. It's the peabrains who think having 4-wheel drive means that they can go flying down an icy highway at 70 mph. I can deal with cold; risking my life by driving near those nit-wits, not so much. [/vent]

A few years ago, we had a really bad ice storm, and one of the accidents involved an empty ambulance that had slid from another accident a block away. Yikes!
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