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Send a message via AIM to tab might be worth checking out. They appear to meet in Hauser Haus in the rec complex (the same place as the pottery sale is usually held) and meetings are 7:30- 9:30 on the second Tuesday of every month. If you aren't a member, a $2 fee applies for being a guest - not the friendliest thing I've ever seen, I'll admit.
Looking a little more closely, they also seem to have a "knit and chat" thing going on the fourth Tuesday of every month in the gelato place in uptown Waterloo. They also say that there's usually someone there every Tuesday, and there's no harm in going to check it out. If nothing else, you'll have to give in to the temptation of the delicious gelato.
I'd offer to mentor you myself, living in the same area (near the big Clarica building, for fun reference) but I don't think I'd be all that good at it. I don't really have the necessary experience under my belt.
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