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I went to the knitters guild and I did not like it because it was 214 people there and I got the feeling that was not the time to ask questions. It was more of a seminar and people brought their knitting and listened to the guest speaker. I live in St Agatha which is 10 mins for Clarica. I can be a pain in the butt somethimes because I like to learn new techniques and I get stuck when reading patterns. I get excited when I read some of the tips on this site to improve my knitting. I guess you can say I am a perfectionist to a fault but I just love knitting and don't want to give it up because I get stuck on a pattern. Sometimes I would need a little help if I am not getting what they say on this site. Five minutes of a visual can go a long way. How long have you been knitting? Like I said I knit 20 yrs ago and gave it up, big mistake because I have forgotten a lot of tips. This time I am not going to give it up. If I run out of things to make I will make things for other people. My friend already asked me to make a sweater and I can't wait to make it for her. You think you can't help me but I am sure you know more than me.
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