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Re-felting results
Sorry it took so long to get back and let you know how it worked out. As suggested, I used some yarn to make a "spider" web across the hole, front and back ... it was diamond shaped about 1/2" across. I then refelted the bag, and it felted in beautifully! I have used Nori Kuryeon for about 3 bags now, and every different color yarn I have used seems to be a little different texture and take different times and cycles, but since the first felting was "light" and I could see porosity through the bottom, the re-felting really added strength and texture, so I have been comfortable re-felting other projects as necessary ... One that had gotten skewed in the blocking process only needed light rewashing and heating to get the felt to stretch out and reblock to size without tearing as well.
Thank you all for your responses ... sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to get us to try what we thought should work ... but always hesitant to ruin a good project!
Merry Christmas!
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