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OT: Christmas gift suggestions???
I have two workers that Iíd like to give something to for the holidays. The problem is that Iím stumped on what to get them. Iím not going to knit anything since Iím working on a couple of other gifts for family members. Iím fairly new to the job, so Iíve worked with them for about 3 months. They are both female coworkers, so does anyone have any suggestions of something (not too expensive) I could get?

I also want to give me roommates something as well. We were all strangers until we moved in together in Sept., so we are friendly but itís not like we are the best of friends since we have very different schedules and donít get to see each other all that much. No one has mentioned giving anything to each other, but Iíd like to give them something in the spirit of the season. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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