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Update on using Chenille...

May the knitting gods strike me DEAD if I EVER pick this stuff up again!!!


I made it through the first scarf semi-OK. Only a few (if I remember was back in the summer yet!) frog pond episodes.

This one, however, is REALLY getting my goat. I think I've ripped about 6 or 8 times by now...varying inches...enough so that I've tried starting again with the second ball cause the first one's first couple yards are looking twisty.

Tried doing the technique of alternating size 13 & size 35 needle. Don't do it with this stuff...worked OK on a merino wool combined with Berrocco Softy, but NOT this. The edges were just too wonky. Now I'm trying a small tube and planned on doing the "magic scarf" routine. Actually swatched it & thought it'd work out. OK, so started out for real and it's lookin pretty good (having taught myself magic loop with the help of the video here) when about 6 or 8 inches into it, I notice 2 horrible worms at the bottom sticking out about 2" each. I cannot abide this (perfectionist that I am), so I frog AGAIN! Now I'm trying 2 circulars, I cast on, do one row & I've got to frog AGAIN. Woe is me. Making a lousy scarf SHOULD NOT be this frustrating!!!!!


P.S. I WILL make this work! I WILL NEVER use chenille again.
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