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Happy Holidays!
As we all get busier with the 1.1 million things we have to do by yesterday.. I wanted to stop, and say the following:

To all who frequent this site... I dearly love each and every one, I may not agree w/ all, but I have learned so much from this site.

Everyone works hard to help out everyone with anything.. from names for pets, to Congrats, to sorrow, to prob w/ knitting etc.

It makes my day to come to a place after my crazy work place ( I work for a credit card collection department.. you would not believe the stories, lol ) and relax in here.

I've learned so much, gained so many smiles and a few belly laughs.

May each and every one enjoy the holiday season as each and every one sees fit.

God Bless and may the season bring joy!


2 more projects to go before I fly out... wish me luck!
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