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My dad went to East Hall and my grandmother lives over that way, too. I did go to Free Chapel a few times - my personal favorite was their Christmas Eve services, they were always so moving. Is there an associate pastor there named Mark Mobley? He was my high school math teacher and he was so awesome, I remember he had just started there when I moved out of Gainesville. There is a new yarn store near my parents house; I went to it when I was there a month or so ago. It's half yarn, half quilting. I think it's called Quilted Hearts? It's on Dawsonville Highway past Home Depot on the left in a little bitty shopping center. You should check it out, they have awesome yarns!!!!!

I'm working on a felted purse right now; my first felting project. I'm almost done with the body and then I have to do the i-cord and felt it. Can't wait to felt it, I'm so excited!!!

What are you working on? Besides gifts for your family?
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