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hello again!

so you did go to free chapel? and you're right about the christmas services! i'm going to the one tomorrow. it's supposed to be great! they also do a lot of illustrated sermons now too. a couple of months ago, pastor franklin did a series called hot wheels (phenomenal!) and a lot of guests come to speak. not to mention choirs, and performances by the youth groups! but, no, i don't know of anyone named mark mobley there. there are a lot of new pastors, though.

and i had no idea there was a yarn store on dawsonville highway! that is awesome! i'll go check it out as soon as I can!

so you're working on your first felted purse? i've never felted anything. maybe i'll try it. right now, i'm working on my second baby sock and i'm also thinking about knitting my first sweater or just a cami. can't wait! i might have time to work on it while i'm in mexico. we're leaving in a couple of days so i'll have plenty of time to work on that on the way there! well, i gotta go. hope i hear from you soon!
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