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I'm Mary and I just regestered. I'm a pet groomer, soaper...well I guess I try lots of stuff. I've done a little knitting and have mostly found it frustrating. I got a DVD and made myself finish a scarf. Socks have my attention right now. I so want to be able to turn a heel! LOL! Last year, one of my grooming customers mentioned she knits...well, actually, I think she was relaying a story about her dog eating her wood needles but that's another story! I must have pounced on her a bit harder than I realised when I asked if she knit socks, because she remembered and this Christmas she gave me needles, a pattern and yarn that self -patterns into the coolest socks! Our local yarn store where she got it, will let people come and hang out and learn. I'm a little intimidated as now she'll be asking if they are done! She's just the best and I so want to do well by this yarn. It's in the other room so I can't see the name but It's so cool!

I'm so glad I found this site now too. I've looked over the videos some and I'm sure they will be invaluable. I'll be around and will post when I can. Thanks for having me!
Mary <><
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