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Originally Posted by madametj
my mom has forced me to drink carrot juice and carrot/beet combo juice plenty of times. trust me, its not that bad (especially if u drink it fast and hold your nose )
Don't ask me why, but DH loves carrot juice. As in, he drinks it voluntarily, and with gusto. I recently got him a juicer so he can make his own instead of buying the pricey pre-made stuff at the market. He's been drinking a huge glass of carrot/apple every day for the last week or so, and doesn't appear to want to slow down anytime soon. I told him he'd turn orange (or worse, OD), but he doesn't seem to be concerned about it. On the plus side, with so many carrots around (he's been buying in bulk), he's also made carrot cake with cream cheese icing a couple of times. Yummy stuff... I think I might need to eat some now, even though I haven't eaten a "real" lunch yet. Is that bad?

Oh yeah... as for arthritis remedies, I think my Dad has said good things about glucosamin and chondroitin, but the literature doesn't seem to support the claim that it does much. Maybe it's psychological.

There is no right way to knit; there is no wrong way to knit. So if anybody kindly tells you that what you are doing is "wrong," don't take umbrage; they mean well. Smile submissively, and listen, keeping your disagreement on an entirely mental level. They may be right, in this particular case, and even if not, they may drop off pieces of information which will come in very handy if you file them away carefully in your brain for future reference. ~Elizabeth Zimmerman
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