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After row 2 you would have 7, stitches, you start with 6 and increase by one in the first stitch then purl to the end.

Rows 3 through 6 are a repeat of row 1 and 2 - so on row 3 you would just knit (still 7 stitches), row 4 you would repeat row 2 and do an increase in the first, purl to end (now you have 8 stitches)... do that again for row 5 and 6 (8 and 9 stitches respectively).

Row 7 - knit, still 9 stitches... and row 8 is where you run into the problem. Is this word for word what the pattern says, because I imagine you must be told to cast on those additional 17 stitches at some point, but not only that, there would appear to be an increase missing, because you can't purl 10 after the increase, as there is only 9 stitches... essentially as far as i can tell this line should read inc, p8 giving you the 9 stitches?? The rest of row 9 would be 'right' i suppose, if the numbers on row 8 were correct...

Not sure if i'm just not doing the math right, or if i'm just not getting it either? Wish i could be of more help.

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