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Missing Stitches?
Can anybody help me? I have only just begun knitting last week and am attempting to knit a baby's bonnet. The pattern is as follows:


Cast on 90 sts and work in seed st as follows: * K 1, P 1, repeat from * across row.

2nd Row. * P 1, K 1, repeat from * across row. Repeat last 2 rows 5 times. P 2 rows.

This is all fine, however the next line is:

Work in pattern as follows:

1st Row. K 1, P 1, * K 1, P 4, repeat from *16 times, K1, P 1, K 1.

This only adds up to 85 stitches. I am a little confused as to how to carry on with the pattern. Any advice would be great.
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