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Thanks, butl the pattern carries on as follows:

2nd Row. K 1, P 2, * K 3, P 2, repeat from *16 times, P1, K1.

3rd Row. K 1, P 1, * K 3, P 2, repeat from *16 times, K1, P 1, K 1.

4th Row. K 1, P 2, * K 1, P 4, repeat from *16 times, P1, K 1.

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern. Work even in pattern for 4 inches, ending with 4th row of pattern.

Next 2 Rows. Working in pattern cast on 5 sts at beginning of each row.

Next 6 Rows. Work even in pattern increasing 2 sts on last row ( 102 sts).

Which is confusing me even more because I'm not sure how to cast on at the beginning of each row. But as it is 5 sts, it is more than likely that it is the missing sts, but I'm still not sure what to do at the end of each row for the first section.
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