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knitpicks options & magic loop question
how do you go about knitting socks with knitpicks options doing the magic loop when their needle size only goes down to size 4?

just curious...

i have a set of denise needles i got last year and i rarely use them. i guess they're all right. i've just discovered knitpicks, and it seems lots of people like the knitting options set better saying they can use it for the magic loop method. i guess i want to know all the knitty gritty before i decide if i'm going to sell the denise set and buy the options set.

just to give you an idea,
i have a full set of wood brittney needles i use for straight knitting. and i'm learning the magic loop method right now, so far using a susan bates set i picked up cheap at joann fabrics.
i plan on knitting sweaters more now that ive discovered knitpicks, socks, scarves, etc.

any feedback would be great!
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