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Mrs. Columbo
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Charity Knitting
Being a new knitter I don't know much about organizations and being only two years here, know less about Vancouver BC charities ....

My 16 year old daughter (usually complete with attitude) is on about the same page as me with knitting know-how ...... I mentioned to her that I would like to knit baby blankets and donate them to a shelter, hospital, etc. .. she surprised me by saying "oh I'd like to do that too!" ..... can anyone tell me places that one could knit for in the Vancouver area? I am not proficient enough yet to do sweaters, hats or mittens and I think my daughter would feel good about doing something for babies/children in need and blankets are something she could do ..... especially if she herself could TAKE it to the place and hand it over to them ..... I think it's great that she has taken an interest .... we moved here from Newfoundland two years ago so she was uprooted from everything she knew to a whole new way of life. She hasn't really taken any interest in anything that interests me till now.

I hear there is Afghans for Afghans too (do I have the name right?)

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