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Originally Posted by losnana
Many animal shelters use "blanket" knitted of washable wool or acrylic to put in the bottoms of cages. Usually 12" X 12" or 15" X 15" . If your daughter is an animal-lover, that might interest her.

I actually found the "Snuggles" project on a page that I was given that lists the various charities ..... they do have some shelters here in Vancouver who are members of the Snuggles project so I'm sure Alanna would love that .... she loves animals ... we have two Bullmastiffs, she grew up with Bull Terriers and is always wanting to visit the SPCA ... only problem there is you want to bring home everything you see ... she had to leave her horse in Newfoundland and there is a shelter for horses that accepts Snuggles ...

Is there anything to keep in mind when knitting for dogs and cats? Any particular type yarn or pattern? I guess something that's not too open so nails can't get caught.

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