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Mrs. Columbo
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Difficulty With Pattern
I thought I was doing so well with my shawl ... I did the first four rows of straight k, now am into the "patterned rib border" ..

R1 (RS): k (did that ok)
R2: k (no problems there)
R3: (here the fun begins): k6, *k4, (p1, k5) twice, rep from * 4 times more, k6.

I did the k6 fine ... then I did the next part k4, p1, k5 twice ... I have the k4, p1, p5 done 4 more times and there are still 36 stiches left!!! Was I supposed to include the k6 in there? I didn't think I was since it said to rep from the * ... why do they have brackets there???

I must be missing something ...

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