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Originally Posted by krazy4kats
Toby - You might want to consider a lifeline: use a tapestry needle to run a piece of different colored waste yarn or crochet thread through the stitches on your needle/cable before proceeding to the next row, making sure the row you're using is correct first. Then if you have to rip back your stitches are secure on that waste yarn/thread, just place them back on your needle and start again.

Re your pattern problem - I agree with Jan. The (p1,k5) is done twice on every repeat, using up 16 stitches each repeat (k4 + p1,k5,p1,k5), so you do it 5 times (first time around then 4 more times as stated), for a total of 80 stitches. the k6 at beginning and end of row is another 12 for a grand total of 92 stitches, which is what I believe you started with?


Yes, that's right, it's 92 stitches that I started with ....

So when I have finished doing a row, you run a piece of thread through between the stitches and the needle? So if you tear them back they won't go any further? What a great idea ... because when I tore them out of course the yarn from the preceding row slipped out and I had to scramble with my old eyesight to see it and grab it with a slippery steel needle to get it back in ... aaagggh.... I have another 20 stitches or so to tear back .. can I still put the lifeline in?

They seem to write some of these things so complicated for newbies ....

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