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Grafting the Toe
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Re: Errors on Pattern???
Originally Posted by LeeLee
I don't think I should K4 at beginning of this short row. If I do, I over-shoot the amount of stitches, 128, when short rows are completed. Besides, if I add 4 stitches on each side, instead of just at the end as in all other rows, it'll look plain goofy.
Yes, I agree--that dosn't sound right to me, either.

Originally Posted by LeeLee
On the back of sweater, I end up working 51 rows at this point, but on the front only 40. Does that huge difference seem correct before starting armholes on each side???
Hmmm...I don't quite understand *these* instructions myself:
...then 3 sts once, and 2 sts twice until all 128 sts have been worked.
Do you? If you can make sense of that for me, then maybe I'll be able to understand the row count. But yes, if it really only is asking for 40 rows total, that would be a definite problem to match up with the back.

Originally Posted by LeeLee
On back, I did this same decrease, losing 4 stitches each decrease row - w at start and 2 and end. But as you'll see here, if I start with 128 stitches on the first row, how can I end with 126 (I'm making the medium)??
Wow....that is weird. I would, if I were you, just make sure the shaping of my front mirrored what I did for the back. It sounds to me like you have the good sense to know when something doesn't jive...maybe someone who's made this sweater will have more input...? I'm going to look at the pattern now and see if I can make more sense of it!!
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