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Nubby yarn/Continental knitting
Does anyone else have problems knitting continental with nubby yarn? I'm using Lion Brand Homespun, and I've given up on conti and gone back to English. I keep splitting the yarn (that's probably not how you describe the problem) when I try to "scoop" it conti.

Also, when I try conti knitting with nubby yarn, my wrists get sore a lot quicker. I can knit for hours using the English method.

I admit a bias towards English knitting for some inexplicable reason, but conti is definitely faster--and I'm type "A" enough to prefer getting something accomplished in the least amount of time possible. I also get better results with my purling having a similar tension to my knitting when I do it continental. But...there's something very relaxing about English knitting to me, and sometimes I feel the need to slow down and just enjoy the process.

Anyone else have the same feeling about English, or am I just a bit odd.

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