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centered double decrease on a hat ?
So. Because I have a habit of feeding my frustration by knitting without a pattern, I'm making a nice little hat. I want to do an interesting little decrease at the top, to make it look something like this:

(taken from the Schmeebot website)

I decided I wanted to make this quite a while ago, but I gave up because I was too confused on what was going on

I'm attempting it for real this time though. My only problem is that I really just don't know how to do it.

From a little researching, it looks like you just use a "centered double decrease", explained on this site as slip2, k1, slip both slipped stitches over.

Starting with 80sts, I was thinking, knitting every other round:

*k17, centered double dec*
*k15, centered double dec*
*k13, centered double dec*
...etc etc

Is this right? Anybody have ANY ideas at all?

Thanks =)
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