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Extensive explanation of pattern mess
Much thanks for your input.

Kind of bummed that the very first pattern I attempt had errors. Yikes.

...then 3 sts once, and 2 sts twice until all 128 sts have been worked
Do you? If you can make sense of that for me, then maybe I'll be able to understand the row count. But yes, if it really only is asking for 40 rows total, that would be a definite problem to match up with the back.
This will be lengthy, but if you can assist, HUGE THANKS! If you can't, still HUGE THANKS for your kind time.

Trying to eventually work 128 sts once all short rows have been completed.

Short rows: Establish Twiing Vine Pat:
Row 1 (RS):
K39, place marker, work Row 1 of Twining Vne Pat across next 50 sts, place marker, turn.

Row 2 (WS):
Work Row 2 of Twining Vine pat across center 50 sts, P4, turn.

Row 3 (RS):
K4 (This seems odd adding K4 at start of row and end),
Work Row 3 of Twining Vine pat aross 50 sts, K4, turn.

Continue in this manner with Twining Vine pat on on center 50 sts and working 4 sts more each row before turning 8 times in all....

Turning 8 times in all would look like this:

R1: K39, Vine Pat 50 sts, Turn (89 sts worked) turn 1
R2: K & P facing sts, P4, turn (93 sts worked)turn 2
R3: K4, Vine Pat 50 sts, K4, Turn (101 sts worked)turn 3
R4: K & P facing, P4, turn (105 sts worked)turn 4
R5: Vine Pat 50 sts, K4, Turn (109 sts worked)turn 5
R6: K & P, P4, Turn (113 sts worked)turn 6
R7: Vine Pat 50 sts, K4, Turn (117 sts worked)turn 7
R8: K & P, P4, Turn (121 sts worked)turn 8

Then 3 sts once,

R9: Vine Pat 50 sts, K3, Turn (124 sts worked)

and 2 sts twice until all 128 sts have been worked.

R10: K & P, P2, Turn (126 sts worked)
R11: Vine Pat 50 sts, K2, Turn. (128 sts worked)

Work 4 rows even in pat as established, end on WS.

Shape Raglan Armholes...

Big difference between starting arn holes on front and back:

Ribbing 21 rows 21 rows

Dec Row 1 row 1 row

Short Rows 21 rows 11 rows (per what I wrote above)

Work even 6 rows 4 rows

TOTAL 49 rows 37 rows

That's 12 rows difference before I start the raglan armholes. Seems the front and back will never match up.

I'm working a test piece for the short rows on junk yarn. Hey, I really need the practice anyway as I've onlly been knitting for about 3 weeks here. The bobbles and cable are easy now that they've been explained on the board so it looks really great.

Thank you again for taking the time to look at the pattern and investigate this with me. Ive yet to hear back from Berroco. I think I should put a notice on the other board here to see if anyone else has tried this sweater too. Just in case we can't figure it out. But I hope we can.

Thanks so much,
Lee Lee
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