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Beyond the Fringe
Gawd, Gawd, dawlin', I knowed fore ah stahted dat ah aint knowed nuttin bout no fringe, but I done dived in, an' ah aint ougtha shoulda done dat, no, chere, no, no.

I just finished a super bulky scarf with Lion Boucle and Patons Pebbles, run together, all knit with knit bind off. Not yet having suffered enuf, I decided to add some fringe. The two yarns yield a visually very busy scarf, so I decided to be modest with the fringe. Scarf is 10 stitches wide, so I opted to befringe five stitches, evenly spaced at 1-3/4-5-7/8-10 (bulky boucle hides far graver errors than this one). Chose to use 2 doubled 12" strands of the boucle, cuz it was the more appealing color.

I knotted the ends of each strand, hoping to minimize the fuzzy unraveling. Well, that was only partially successful. (Is it acceptable knitting form to recall a scarf periodically for refringeing?).

Looks OK, but I can see that ongoing unraveling is inevitable, knots notwithstanding <g>. Seeking another solution, I recalled having seen the barber (two or three hundred years ago) singe the ends of my father's hair after trimming, so I tried singeing the fuzzy ends of the yarn. Because the boucle is 79% acrylic-20% mohair-1% nylon the ends did melt and fuse. BUT the ends are black and the yarn is cream.

Is there any hope for this fringe malady, or should I just say OK and keep on keepin' on?

From beyond the fringe,


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