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Grafting the Toe
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eh baby hats become one of those things that are such a quick easy gift that you don't often have to use a pattern for them. not unless you want to do something fancy. i whip out roll brim baby hats whenever i need something to knit and don't have any projects i want to work on (i figure out who gets it

The decrease is easy to figure out if you just figure out what number of stitches you have and find a good number to divide it by (9 was an excellent choice in this case). Then you subtract 2 from that number (for your decrease) and have at it. i love the swirly top it makes when you do that.

and if you want a fancy little touch at the top, when you get to the point where there are 3 or 4 stitches left, instead of threading them through, you could do an icord for about 4 inches, bind it off, and then tie it in a knot....voila...umbilical hat!

and since they are babies they will put up with us putting them in whatever ridiculous hat we want to
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